30 days on green smoothie diet

By | October 19, 2020

30 days on green smoothie diet

Smoothies Snacks Meals Desserts. Cleansing drinks healing how to. Yep, that’s right. This smoothie challenge has helped millions of people experience natural energy and effortless weight loss You’ll start by eating your normal snacks and meals during the challenge. Yet just by adding in one green smoothie a day, you’ll begin to watch your body transform, your cravings change and the rest of your diet naturally change too! Over 1 million people have rawked the Day Challenge During the first week I lost almost 10 pounds! Since starting green smoothies, I’ve completed my first 5k and started training for my first 10k. I broke through my weight loss plateau and even got my boyfriend to drink a smoothie or two.

This is a free challenge put together by my friends and affiliate partners Jadah and Jen over at Simple Green Smoothies and while it officially starts for everyone July 1st, they let us try it out in June as part of a sneak peak. Thankfully, this program is flexible with the goal of getting you to drink a green smoothie every day or as many days in the month as possible. Also, they give you recipes to try, but you can also use your own recipes if you want. To join this free program the next one starts July 1st all you have to do is sign up via email. This challenge really got us to step out of the box because let me tell you what, when I saw cherries on the shopping list I was like — cherries? The challenge also got us to try some new liquids I usually opt for milk or water, and I was pleasantly surprised with how good coconut water was in a smoothie. I do think if someone has really fallen off the wagon and needs to overhaul their diet they could really benefit health-wise from this challenge.

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Is a seven-day green smoothie challenge the fresh start you need, or is it a raw deal? It’s embarrassing to admit, but nearly 10 years after college, I still eat like a freshman. Pizza is by far its own food group in my diet—I joke about running marathons as an excuse to eat a whole pie by myself after Saturday long runs. But I’m actually not kidding. In fact, I signed up for my second marathon because I liked being able to eat that much pizza and not stress about the carb intake. There’s a major problem with subsisting mostly on bread, cheese, and tomato sauce, though: I get, like, zero other nutrients in my diet. I may be consuming enough calories, but they’re basically empty. And the worst part is, while it may not show up on the scale, I can see the effects in my dull skin, the layer of softness over my abs, and the amount of energy I have when I go running—especially when I’m slogging through marathon training. I’ve always known my diet needed to change.

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