Average weekly cost of a vegan diet

By | October 20, 2020

average weekly cost of a vegan diet

The Cost of a Vegan Diet vs a Non-Vegan Diet Health and wellness are often the first things that come to mind when you hear the word resolution, especially this time of year. The Joybird team spent time exploring some of the most popular trends in diet and exercise, including the potential benefits of a vegan diet, in which a person does not consume any animal products a. No dairy, eggs, meat, etc. However, veganism has a reputation for being expensive, and people are often discouraged by the potential price before they even give it a shot. So, Joybird shares their exploration of how much more expensive a vegan diet is versus a non-vegan diet. The Research The Joybird team collected prices from local online groceries in every state to find the average cost of 10 common food items that appear on weekly grocery lists outside of produce, along with their vegan substitutes. They compared the total average cost for the 10 non-vegan and comparable vegan items to calculate the cost difference between the two grocery lists in each state.

When people ask why I chose to become vegan, I wish I could give them this story about this life-changing epiphany I had but I really just wanted to lose weight. After the first month, I had more energy and I no longer had images of dying chickens in my head while eating my lunch. Figuring out what to eat was a lot of trial and error. I went to a college in the middle of nowhere and the nearest supermarket was 20 minutes away so when I was able to go food shopping, I had to make sure I bought everything I needed without breaking the bank. A vegan diet has infamously been considered expensive. As someone who grew up in a low-income neighborhood in the Bronx, I am no stranger to saving money. I try to cook my own food as much as possible instead of ordering take-out. This is a fruit stand in the Bronx where I buy fruits like strawberries, pineapple, oranges, and peppers. Photo by Jubilee Baez. Many recipes require 10 ingredients or less. Some of my vegan staples are peanut butter and banana smoothies, vegan tacos, salads and by far my favorite are these vegan chocolate chip pancakes. I like to start my day with something quick like a smoothie, a bowl with rice and vegetables for lunch and I always try to eat a bountiful salad in the evening.

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