Blm sugar glider diet starter pack

By | November 9, 2020

blm sugar glider diet starter pack

The Leadbeaters Diet was one of the first meal plans fed to captive gliders successfully, and was used at the Taronga Zoo for a number of years. This diet was formulated in Australia so when gliders became captive Bourbon modified the diet so it could be fed in America. The diet has a few shortcomings such as being extremely high in Calcium, iron, and the potentially harmful synthetic vitamin K3 known as Menadoine. The diet also has a limited selection of fresh produce causing a lack in variety. There are many ways to offer variety this is some of the ways I feed mine… please notice I am not changing the ingredients of the diet, but how it is offered. Fold in a few frozen veggies.. I will give them fruits and veggies during the day, for treats. In a side bowl. Motts has snackpack flavored applesauce, try the different flavors to find out which ones your gliders like.

Username: Password: Save Password hide. Home Glider Gossip. Very confused Need help with food. Hope Starting Member 2 Posts. I had a sugar Glider that we rescued from a flea market in Florida for a little over ten years named Shelby. I didn’t think we could do that. Anyway That’s how Hope found us Anyway I got rid of everything from Shelby due to how much it hurt to loss her plus I said I would never have another. They are a lot of work plus commitment worse than a dog in a lot of ways but they also have a lot of good traits but only to a true lover of a sugar glider. We fed her parrot food the one that looked like foot loops.

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There are so many to chose from and a poor diet pellets, unbalanced nutrients and proteins, improper dosage of vitamins, etc can lead to sick gliders, costly health problems and heart break. New Message. Don’t Like It. Does she have a wheel in her cage? Offering too much?? The other side of the spectrum is a diet such as BML. Along with fresh fruits and veggies. You can introduce them by offering them as finger treats.

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