Consumer reports diet pills that work

By | December 31, 2020

consumer reports diet pills that work

And nearly one in four consumers do, according to a new national survey of nearly 3, Americans from the Consumer Reports National Research Center. More than one-quarter of the supplement users in the survey tried the products because they felt they were safe and would help them drop more pounds than other weight loss methods. But our survey revealed that people are confused about how supplements are regulated. About 20 percent of those surveyed believe supplements are tested for safety and effectiveness and that the FDA guarantees that. It gives you the sense the products are being scrutinized by the FDA. Not only are people confused about whether supplements are effective, but many are also unaware of their risks. More than one-third of the people who used supplements were also taking a prescription medication at the same time for another condition. To lose weight the healthy way, find the best diet for you. Worse, weight-loss supplements can contain banned drugs. In a recent study, Cohen looked at 27 supplements that had been recalled by the FDA, but were still on the market.

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