Fast mimicking diet vitamins

By | February 8, 2021

fast mimicking diet vitamins

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People have long been searching for ways to treat cancer that don’t involve the usual approaches in an effort to avoid the harmful side effects that can come with typical cancer treatments. A new study reported in Nature Communications has suggested that one such cancer treatment that has been studied, high-dose vitamin C, may be effective when combined with a diet that mimics fasting. It is worth noting that this work was conducted in a mouse model, a major caveat. Researchers have known for years that the vast majority of cancer therapeutics that are tested in mice end up being of no use to human patients. But since cancer treatments can be toxic and hard to tolerate, and they don’t work for every patient, it’s certainly worthwhile to explore the efficacy of natural options. In a mouse model of colorectal cancer, vitamin C combined with a fasting-mimicking diet delayed tumor progression or even caused cancerous tumors to get smaller.

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