High sodium with keto diet

By | September 26, 2020

high sodium with keto diet

When following a ketogenic diet, our bodies function differently. In the most simple terms, the transfer of burning carbs for fuel to fat can cause our body to be off-kilter as electrolytes become off balanced. One mineral the body cannot live without that gets depleted often on keto is sodium. One of the trickier aspects of the Ketogenic diet, especially to newbies, is understanding the importance of increasing salt consumption. As our body transitions from being a sugar burner to a fat burner, it reduces the amount of sodium stored in the body thus requiring more salt in our diet. Since keto excludes most convenient processed foods that are high in sodium, the amount of sodium consumed is naturally decreased as well. As a result, sodium levels often drop causing unpleasant side effects that can be easily avoided. If all of this is new to you and just getting started following a keto diet, this Guide to Getting Started on Keto is a fantastic resource that is easy to follow. While I am not a doctor, there is much research to the contrary.

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With high diet sodium keto

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