Is diet water a thing

By | October 5, 2020

is diet water a thing

With more people than ever trying to find easy and simple ways to become healthy, the demand for health products has never been higher. While there have been many legitimately useful health products produced, a lot of them have been rather useless and hilariously over marketed. Back in , a Japanese company, Sapporo, came out with its new groundbreaking product, Diet Water. Yes, Diet Water. How can water be diet? On the contrary, Diet Water has more in it than regular water. While the guys behind Vitamin Water, who, unsurprisingly, are now Coca-Cola, had marketed it as a healthy and cool way to consume water with some added essential vitamins when tests were actually performed on the drinks the results were pretty shocking. The cookie, in particular, claims that when you eat it, the fat it contains goes straight to your breasts, making them bigger. The main ingredient in both products is Pueraria Mirifica, a plant found in northern Thailand and Burma. Pueraria Mirifica has been claimed to increase appetite, improve hair growth and enlarge breasts, but there is no scientific evidence that supports these claims.

When it comes to weight loss, some people find it harder than others. For example, a lot of beverage products have now jumped on the fitness bandwagon and promises assistance when it comes to shedding off some of that bodyweight. Beverages that contain L-carnitine, for example, touts that they can help burn fat faster. Another eye-catching fitness drink that is making the rounds right now is Diet Water. Yes, you heard that right, diet water is a thing now. As crazy as that sounds, several manufacturers are currently offering this type of product to consumers. One of the most well-known is the Sapporo Diet Water. Just like most fitness buffs, this product caught my eye the moment I glanced at it during my grocery shopping. It piqued my curiosity which is marketing So, now I took it upon myself to do some tests as to just how effective this new type of fitness drink truly is.

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Unanswered Questions. Is there such thing as diet water? Co-authors: It was made to appeal to dieters and people concerned with tap water. You have to estimate how much weight you will lose on the water diet in order to set a clear goal. So this is a load of crap obviously, it has a few extra vitamins, but that’s all. You cannot. The only reason to ever purchase bottled water is for the convenience of having water already in a bottle.

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