Is the keto diet good for insulin resistance

By | September 10, 2020

is the keto diet good for insulin resistance

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If you eat keto, will you actually lose your ability to handle carbs? What if you want to go back at some point — are you committing to low-carb forever? Can you basically give yourself a carb intolerance from keto? A couple headlines recently have stressed the potential dangers of keto, even the idea that it might cause diabetes. And they fit with a pattern that people see all the time in the real world: not keto causing diabetes, but people who go low-carb, lose weight, then go back to carbs and gain it all back plus more. Is it because keto made them carb intolerant? Insulin is a hormone that you need to digest and use carbs. But you do still use a small amount of carbohydrate glucose while in ketosis, mostly for your brain. Even after the brain switches to using ketones, it still does use some glucose. On keto, your liver can make a little bit of glucose to supplement your diet and keep the brain ticking along. Evidence from animal and human studies suggests that, in animals, ketogenic diets may also cause impaired insulin action, at least in the short term.

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