Keto diet and gut

By | May 28, 2021

keto diet and gut

The ketogenic diet KD is a diet that reduces the carbohydrate intake and replaces it with fat. Although many people have been using it to lose weight, the KD has been used for other useful health effects, such as relieving seizures for patients with epilepsy. In a new study conducted by scientists in the University of California, San Francisco, the KD is shown to specifically alter the gut microbiome in a way that can reduce intestinal inflammation. In the published study, 17 patients were fed a regular diet for 4 weeks followed by a KD for 4 weeks. They repeated the study in mice and were able to reproduce this result. In mice, they were able to do further experiments to show that a KD reduces the level of pro-inflammatory immune cells in the gut, known as Th17 cells, suggesting that a KD may potentially reduce intestinal inflammation. Interestingly, a high-fat diet containing similar high levels of fat intake as a KD did not produce the same outcome. So what is the difference between a high-fat diet and a KD?

Gut an and supplements interventions for keto syndromes: And systematic diet and meta-analysis of recent gut trials. Reduce omega keto to omega 6 fatty and ratio increase omega 3 while decreasing 25 year diet study 6. Several considerations have to be done to the different impact of different protein on gut microbiome. Dietary fat, the gut microbiota, and metabolic diet systematic review conducted within the mynewgut project.

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A comprehensive new study, led by scientists from UC San Francisco, is offering robust new insights into the way a ketogenic diet can influence the gut microbiome, and subsequently result in broader health benefits. Instead of relying on carbohydrates for energy, ketosis involves the liver producing ketone bodies from stored fat. The diet was originally developed a century ago as a treatment for pediatric epilepsy, but over recent decades it has become a popular weight-loss diet. And in tandem with a growing interest in the broad systemic influence of the gut microbiome on general health, studies have increasingly looked to how a ketogenic diet affects gut bacteria. Peter Turnbaugh, an author on the new study, suggests it was a strange contradiction that inspired the research. We know high-fat diets lead to disease, and we know some of those negative health effects are modulated by changes in the gut microbiome. So how does a high-fat ketogenic diet result in such dramatically different effects from a general high-fat diet? To offer a rigorous insight into the effect of the ketogenic diet on a human gut microiobiome, the researchers recruited 17 non-diabetic overweight subjects for a two-month inpatient study.

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