Keto diet in korean language

By | August 15, 2020

keto diet in korean language

The Keto diet involves drastically reducing the intake of carbohydrates and replacing them with fat. Fortunately, there are some simple substitute you can replace with in order for you to enjoy a low-carb Korean meal that will still taste delicious without you feeling like you are missing out on a thing! So, instead of completely eliminating carbs from your diet, you can replace a bowl of rice from a Korean meal with some soft and slightly tasteless dishes like the Korean steamed eggs, steamed tofu or pan-fried white fish. The miracle rice has the same texture as the ordinary rice and it is easy and quick to prepare. The miracle rice is made from the Asian konjac plant which is vegan, low in carbohydrates and calories. It is also free from gluten, soy, and grains. Besides being low in calories, the miracle rice helps you to feel full which is beneficial for those who are trying to lose weight.

There are so many Korean dishes that do not include rice or noodles that it would seem easy to cut out carbs while eating Korean food. But, in truth, it can be difficult to go without a bowl of these carbohydrates while enjoying the strong spicy, salty, or sour flavors in this cuisine. These Japanese noodles are almost too good to be true, as they are both low in calories and carbohydrates. Made from Japanese yam and tofu, they have only 20 calories per serving and are delicious in everything from soups to stir-fries. Offered in several different styles, from spaghetti to angel hair to fettuccini, you can find whatever type of noodle you need for a variety of recipes. You also may find them at your local Asian market or at select grocery stores nationwide. It is easily and quickly prepared and has a similar texture to rice. Make the Korean classic bibimbap, a sort of rice bowl filled with a variety of vegetables and spice, or kimchi bokumpap, a comforting Korean fried rice dish. Most Korean marinades contain sugar, honey, or fruit juice, which all help to make the meat tender and delicious, but don’t help if you’re on a low-carb diet. Instead of the sugar, you can use sweeteners like stevia or xylitol. Both are all-natural sweeteners that have no carbs or aftertaste; their only downside is that they’re a bit expensive. These marinades can be used on beef, chicken, and pork to make everything from chicken drumsticks to daeji bulgogi to shish kebabs to a grilled steak salad.

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