Paleo diet cured my panic

By | October 4, 2020

paleo diet cured my panic

Photo by Stocksy. At 26, I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety and panic disorder—a disorder that crippled me, both psychologically and socially. My disorder left me feeling completely drained and emasculated. I was the father of two sons but could barely get out of bed some days, and found it difficult to take care of myself. Upon my diagnosis I was immediately prescribed medication. My doctor told me that my disorder was so severe, medication was the only treatment option effective enough to manage it. I survived an accidental overdose and two failed suicide attempts. I went back to my doctor for help but soon realized his only intention was keeping me medicated. The first thing I did was research the impact my diet had on my mood disorders. Prior to my diagnosis, I owned and operated a private personal training business, so I was already aware of how important diet is to our overall well-being. I watched multiple documentaries about the dangers of the Western diet.

My diet was high in carbs, processed foods, meat, and dairy. Log in Profile. Basic Myths. Neither she nor her doctor knew the thyroid was the cause. For many years I only drank soda. This is awesome. She discovered the paleo autoimmune protocol AIP in , and her symptoms immediately began to improve. Gourd Recipes. I was diagnosed with Pyroluria in and take KPU compounded prescription since then. When she’s not online, she’s pursuing her other interests: yoga, traditional foods, sustainable agriculture, hiking, and knitting.

Very proud of you. Edible Plant Stem Recipes. No panic attacks. It changed my life completely. For years, primarily due to a panic high-stress job, i lived this way. The c paleo webs started to lift and over the following months I became much less housebound and diet more cured.

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