Pms raw food diet

By | June 12, 2021

pms raw food diet

The reason? All the hormones in our endocrine system that work together to carry out vital functions and promote homeostasis the state of equilibrium in the body, are influenced by many factors, including what we eat. In particular the balance of progesterone and oestrogen the primary cycle hormones that fluctuate throughout our monthly cycles is imperative not only for hormone health, but overall physical mental and emotional well-being. Certain nutrients help support hormone detoxification, influence hormone activity or promote their production. Vitamin C, found in foods such as dark leafy greens, citrus and parsley, is a key to help the production of cortisol, which influences our stress response, while magnesium-rich foods such as tofu, dark greens and nuts may help to support PMS-associated water retention and menstrual pain. Keeping our blood sugar levels steady also contributes to overall hormone balance, helping to reduce mood swings and better manage weight, sleep and cravings. To do this, try eating balanced meals filled with fibre and protein at regular intervals, and being mindful of the types of sugars and carbohydrates that we are eating. Tapping into the intelligence of the female body and responding to its unique needs is a huge act of personal care. A diet based around whole, plant-based foods, quality proteins and healthy fats is a good foundation, and include some of these cycle-supporting foods to your shopping basket each week to help with hormone harmony.

It looks like you’re new to The Community. If you’d like to get involved, click one of these buttons! I am approaching my menses and DO feel tired, but not nearly as tired as usual. And my cranky factor is better too. Even my periods have gotten lighter! I noticed a difference too. I have none of the awful cramps and moodiness of my pre-raw food days.

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When I got my first period at 12, I was home alone. I also thought my symptoms could only be fixed with birth control. In a hateful, premenstrual bout, I seethed at her cheery demeanor and clear skin. What could she possibly know about the torture that I endured on a monthly basis? Then it hit me: What did I know? So I dug in further. In addition to the more widely known period systems like cramps, mood swings, and bloating, hormones can cause of a whole host of issues: dandruff, anxiety, cravings, hair loss, and hair growth, loss of sex drive. Vitti has also created an app, MyFlo, which you can use to predict your period, track your symptoms and get feedback on what to eat, what exercises to do, and even how your significant other can better tend to your needs. Before I share my food diary, let me tell you the basics. The dietary guidance is split up among four phases: follicular, ovulation, luteal, menstruation; I began during my luteal.

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