Tuna and eggs mediterranean diet

By | August 30, 2020

tuna and eggs mediterranean diet

Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Not only are different clothes needed for this type of heat, but even the food has to be modified. Fresh, cool preparations such as salads and drinks are essential. Tuna salad with egg, potato and crunchy vegetables is one of my favorite summer recipes. Fruits and vegetables are refreshing, and the Spanish take advantage of consuming them in large quantities, because they are deprived of them all winter since they become more expensive. Additionally, in the winter hot soups and pottages are much tastier. This country salad, also known as a summer salad, is a simple and perfect preparation for dinner, but it is also a common tapa small plate dish that is served with many other tapa dishes along with bread, olives, beer and wine. Throughout the country it is prepared similarly, it maintains some common ingredients and others that vary significantly from one region to another and the preference of the person who prepares it. The common ingredients are usually potatoes the star of the plate, fish canned tuna or Mahi-mahi and boiled egg.

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